Gledhill History

"Gledhill" - Origins and Name

Where did the Gledhills originally come from? Where did we get our name? Read the new theory for its Viking origin.

"The Gledhill Family"

1934 article by Percy W. Gledhill on the origins of the Gledhills and their name.
Essential reading for all Gledhills.  See also P W Gledhill's story.

New theory on the origin of the name of Gledhill

Here published for the first time - upsetting previously held theories on the origins of the name -
is a fascinating argument for its Viking roots - by Peter Gledhill.

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Gledhill Family Trees on this Website 

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Lloyd Gledhill's Family Tree

My Family's Yorkshire Origins

My Gledhill tree from circa 1700.        Can you see a link with my forebears? Are you also a descendant?

My Gledhill Family in England, Australia and America
My Gledhill tree from circa 1700. Can you see a link with my forebears? Are you also a descendant?
My U.S.A. Connection - Gledhills of Ohio, Pennsylvania, New England & California

Including the related family named FRANCE.

My non-Gledhill ancestral lines and pedigree chart

Live webcam view from our balcony - the iconic view of Sydney

Fascinating live action view, particularly the Timelapse feature. Click here for the webcam.
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