Lloyd Gledhill's Family Tree -
William Skinner and His Descendants (Cornwall)

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I also have Skinner ancestors from London (Middlesex) and Peterborough (1800's).

William SKINNER & Catherine/Katherine MARTYN (m. 4 Sep 1726 St Minver, Cornwall):-

  • William SKINNER (c.1 Jan 1726 - )
  • Jane SKINNER (c.26 Dec 1727 - )
  • Elizabeth SKINNER (c.16 Feb 1730 - )
  • Thomas SKINNER (c.31 Oct 1733 - 1810) & Elizabeth COLLINGS ( - 1824)
    • William SKINNER (c.20 Apr 1761 - 12 Apr 1810) & Jane (Jenny or Jennifer) BROWN (c.26 Apr 1774)
      • Joanna SKINNER (1796 - )
      • Thomas Brown SKINNER (c.31 Jul 1798 - ) & Hephzibah LANGMAN (26 Feb 1801 - 8 Dec 1866)
        • Elizabeth SKINNER (approx 1825 - ) & ... HUNTER
        • Thomas Brown SKINNER (1826 - 1885) & Elizabeth CLEGG (1830/1837 - 1914)
          (Thomas Brown Skinner was my (Lloyd Gledhill's) great grandfather)
        • Helen Jane SKINNER (approx 1834 - )
      • William SKINNER (c.9 Mar 1800 - )
      • Jane SKINNER & Thomas Latham WARREN
        • Thomas Goodman WARREN (22 Sep 1839 - )
          (Thomas Goodman Warren was Marjie Young's great grandfather - see her family tree)
    • Susanna SKINNER (c.4 Jan 1763 - ) & John SKINNER
    • John SKINNER (c.6 Sep 1767 - )

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First Generation
1. William SKINNER.

He married Catherine/Katherine MARTYN, 4 Sep 1726 in St Minver, Cornwall.

They had the following children:

i. William SKINNER; Christened 1 Jan 1726 in St Minver. 
ii. Jane SKINNER; Christened 26 Dec 1727 in St Minver. 
iii. Elizabeth SKINNER; Christened 16 Feb 1730 in St Minver.
iv. Thomas SKINNER 2
v. Katherine SKINNER; Born 16 Jan 1739 in St Minver.

Second Generation
2. Thomas SKINNER
. Christened 31 Oct 1733 in St Minver. Died 1810 probably in Endellion.

He married Elizabeth COLLINGS, 7 Apr 1760 in St Minver. She died 1824 in St Minver.

They had the following children:

i. William SKINNER 3
ii. Susanna SKINNER; Christened 4 Jan 1763 in St Minver. She married John SKINNER. 
iii. John SKINNER; Christened 6 Sep 1767 in St Endellion.

Third Generation
3. William SKINNER
. Christened 20 Apr 1761 in St Minver. Died 12 Apr 1810. From Endellion acc to marriage record. He lived in the Parish of Saint Kew, at Poltreworgey.

He married Jane (Jenny or Jennifer) BROWN, daughter of William BROWN & Margery PHILP OR PILP, 8 Mar 1795 in St Kew. Christened 26 Apr 1774 in St Kew.

They had the following children:

i. Joanna SKINNER; Born 1796. Christened 22 Apr 1796 in St Kew.
ii. Thomas Brown SKINNER 4
iii. William SKINNER; Christened 9 Mar 1800 in St Kew. 
iv. Jane SKINNER 5

Fourth Generation
4. Thomas Brown SKINNER
. Born in St Endellion, Cornwall. Christened 31 Jul 1798 in St Endellion.

1841 & 1851 Censuses: This family was recorded in 1851 Census for Cornwall, Parish of Endellion, all living at Pt Isaac.

He married Hephzibah LANGMAN, daughter of William LANGMAN & Elizabeth COOK. She was born 26 Feb 1801 in Minster or Lesnewth, Cornwall. Died 8 Dec 1866 in Port Isaac. Ancestors of the Langmans include the Yeos. I have a family tree of this line going back to the 1500's. See also Jean Ashfield's Yeo Family Tree. Jean and I believe we have a common Yeo ancestor in the 1500's.

The administration of Hephzibah's 1867 will refers to a male "next of kin now residing at Paris in the Province of Canada West". (i.e. Paris south-west of Toronto, Ontario). We are very keen to locate that next of kin and his descendants.

Thomas Brown Skinner and Hephzibah had the following children:

i. Elizabeth SKINNER; Born Approx 1825. With family in Pt Isaac in 1841. She married ?? HUNTER. 
ii. Thomas Brown SKINNER 6
iii. Helen Jane SKINNER; Born Approx 1834 in Endellion.

5. Jane SKINNER.

She married Thomas Latham WARREN, 7 Dec 1823 in St Kew, Cornwall. At the time of his son's birth he was a clerk in a glass factory, residing at Poltreworgey, St Kew.

They had the following children:

i. Thomas Goodman WARREN; Born 22 Sep 1839 in St Kew, Cornwall. Went to Ontario, Canada 1870.

Fifth Generation
6. Thomas Brown SKINNER
. Born 1826 in St Endellion, Cornwall.

Went to Australia in approx 1862-63.

He married Elizabeth CLEGG, daughter of William CLEGG & Mary CROWTHER (see my Clegg family page) of Cliviger, Burnley, Lancashire, on 14 May 1864 in Sydney, Australia. She was born 1829-1837 in Burnley, Lancashire.  I have not been able to trace her brothers Henry and William who came to Australia in 1859 and 1860 and might have then moved on to California.

They had the following children born in Australia:

i. Hephzibah J SKINNER
ii. Lucy Ann SKINNER

NOTE: Possibly the last of our Skinners in Port Isaac lived at Archer Farm and married a Peter Lakeman.


SKINNER, Elizabeth, child of
SKINNER, Elizabeth, child of
SKINNER, Helen Jane, child of
SKINNER, Hephzibah J, child of
SKINNER, Jane, child of
SKINNER, Joanna, child of
SKINNER, John, child of
SKINNER, Katherine, child of
SKINNER, Lucy Ann, child of
SKINNER, Susanna, child of
SKINNER, Thomas Brown
SKINNER, Thomas Brown
SKINNER, William
SKINNER, William
SKINNER, William, child of
SKINNER, William, child of
WARREN, Thomas Goodman, child of