Possibly:  William and Sarah Gledhill of Dewsbury, Yorkshire, and maybe also of Huddersfield and their descendants.

Definitely:  William and Sarah Gledhill who immigrated to New York c.1822, and their descendants of New York (Poughkeepsie) and Pennsylvania.

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David Kendall Martin writes:  I have a prospective English family and our known American family to connect or prove they are not the same.  I would like to find proof of the English origin of the first-named William Gledhill family.   I think it may be in Huddersfield, but I am not sure.  If I found proof that the Huddersfield area records are (1) of a different family or (2) do not all refer to the same family, it would be helpful.

IN ENGLAND: William Gledhill married at Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, 3 April 1785 Sarah Tattersfield. They may be the parents of Mary baptized there 5 June 1786, daughter of William (no mother given).

Is this the same family found in and near Huddersfield? William Gledhill had son Henry bapt. St.Peter 13 April 1788. William and Sarah had Hannah bapt. St.Peter 3 March 1790. William had Hannah bapt. St.Peter 1 February 1795. George Gledhill, son of William, is recorded in the Baptist Church at Lockwood, a suburb of Huddersfield, as born at Temple Newsom, West Yorkshire, 17 April 1796.

IN AMERICA: William Gledhill born in England 176- married about 1785 Sarah born in England in 176-. He was a weaver and dyer, able to write, and immigrated to New York City about 1822. He may have been a Baptist. He died in Poughkeepsie, New York, in 1837 and Sarah died there in 1842. They had five children, born in England:

1. Henry Gledhill born 22 March 1787, a wool sorter, m. c.1815 Jannett (Jenny) . He arrived in New York in 1817 and settled in Philadelphia where he died in 1855/6. They had a daughter Elizabeth born in England c.1815.

2. Hannah Gledhill born 179-, married by 1815 Morris Shaw, a bellowsmaker. They arrived in New York City about 1823.

3. George Gledhill born 1794-97, arrived in New York, c.1817 unmarried, moved to Pennsylvania, married (1) Marinda Bennett, (2) 1856 in a Swedenborgian Church in Baltimore, Maryland, Ruth Birchwood. He died in Camden, New Jersey, in 1857. He was a weaver, wool stapler, and a photographer.

4. Mary Gledhill born c.1798, married in England (1) about 1814 George Hirst, keeper of a porter house. They came to New York about 1814. She m. (2) in Poughkeepsie, New York, 1838 George Holroyd, a woolsorter. She died in 1850.

5. Martha Gledhill born 23 August 1800, married in England c.1818 Robert Smith born in 1794. They came to New York about 1819. He was a carpenter. They eventually moved to Indiana.