William Gledhill and Jane Ledger 
and their descendants of Dewsbury, Yorkshire,
and New South Wales, Australia

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1. William GLEDHILL

Died: Before 1864, England.

Spouse: Jane LEDGER
Christened: 26 Jan 1814 Dewsbury, Yorkshire

Died as Jane Pentony 2 Feb 1882, Yass NSW Australia

Spouse Father: Samuel LEDGER
Spouse Mother: Ann

Spouse Notes:  Jane Gledhill sailed for Australia from Plymouth on 5 March 1864 on the "Sandringham" as a widow with children Harriet 14 and Rhoda 11, arriving Sydney NSW 26 June 1864.

Married 27 Nov 1831, Dewsbury, Yorkshire

Children of William & Jane Gledhill:
Rachel b 1832
Ann b 1835
Thomas - see below
Rachel b 1839
Daniel - see below
Jane b 1842
James b 1845
Mary b 1846

Other children of Jane Gledhill, William Gledhill the possible father:
Harriet - see below
Rhoda b 1853 England

Jane Ledger Gledhill married a second time, to John Pentony in NSW, Australia, in 1865.

1.3 Thomas GLEDHILL

Likely to be the son of William & Jane Gledhill above

Born 1837, Dewsbury
Occupation: Horse Trainer
1881 Census: living at Back Hanover St, Dewsbury.

Spouse: Lucy
Born: 1833 Dewsbury

Children of Thomas & Lucy Gledhill, all born in Dewsbury:
Zilla b 1860
Hannah b 1862
Mary b 1864
Harry b 1866
Jane A b 1871

1.5 Daniel GLEDHILL

Likely to be the son of William & Jane Gledhill above

Born: 1840 Dewsbury, Yorkshire
Occupation: Card Cleaner (Woollen Weaver)
1881 Census: living at Watergate Rd, Dewsbury

Spouse: Eliza
Born: 1838 Dewsbury

Children of Daniel & Eliza Gledhill, all born Dewsbury:
Harriet b 1867
William b 1869
Maria b 1871
Jane b 1877
Sarah A b 1879
Rhoda b 1881

1.9 Harriet GLEDHILL

Born 1850 England, possibly the daughter of William Gledhill
Married John Thatcher at Cavan near Yass NSW Australia on 4 March 1867.
Died 23 October 1917.