Descendants of Joseph Gledhill of Yorkshire 
and Ohio
Five descendants are actively researching this family.  
They are Samantha Tanner of Kentucky, Tom Gledhill of Galion, Ohio, 
Linda King of Texas, Paula Shutt of Nth Carolina and Valarie Manthey Stetz in Pennsylvania
- see their references in Generations 3 and 4.
Generation No. 1
1.  Joseph Gledhill was born 11 September 1797 in Browbridge, Othersfield, 
    (Yorkshire, England), and died 9 August 1866 in Crawford Co. Ohio.  
    He married Mary Mitchell September 1824 in Leicester, England.  
    See the story of Joseph and Mary and their descendants
    Children of Joseph Gledhill and Mary Mitchell are:
        2       i.      (Mary)Elizabeth Gledhill, born 30 July 1825 in Yorkshire, England; 
                        died 17 April 1899.  She married David (Henry) Snyder 16 
                        December 1852 in Crawford Co.Ohio.
 +      3       ii.     Mary Gledhill, born 14 September 1827; 
                        died 6 January 1911.
        4       iii.    William Gledhill, born 27 June 1830; 
                        died 28 March 1835.
        5       iv.     Joseph Gledhill, born 27 June 1830; 
                        died 2 August 1830.
 +      6       v.      Joseph Gledhill, born 2 April 1832 in Little Beaver, 
                        Trumbull Co., or Youngstown,Ohio; 
                        died 31 May 1917 in Middletown, Jefferson Twp., 
                        Crawford Co. Ohio.
        7       vi.     Edward Gledhill, born 17 March 1834; died 22 August 1850.
 +      8       vii.    Easter Gledhill, born 18 March 1835 or 1836; died 29 December 1868.
 +      9       viii.   William Gledhill, born 12 March 1838; died 11 August 1911.
 +      10      ix.     Martha Gledhill, born 8 April 1840; died 6 April 1881.
 +      11      x.      Sarah Gledhill, born 22 June 1842.
 +      12      xi.     John M Gledhill, born 14 May 1846 in Middletown, Ohio; 
                        died 1 February 1883.
Generation No. 2
3.  Mary Gledhill was born 14 September 1827, and died 6 January 1911.  
    She married Perry Russell 20 May 1852 in Crawford Co. Ohio.
    Children of Mary Gledhill and Perry Russell are:
        13      i.      Elizabeth Russell.  
                        She married Joseph Crider 30 December 1875 
                        in Crawford Co. Ohio.
        14      ii.     Matilda Russell.  
                        She married William Karg 25 December in 
                        Crawford Co. Ohio.
        15      iii.    Amanda Russell, born 1856 in Crawford Co. Ohio; 
                        died 1904.  
                        She married William Wilson Korner 22 December 1887 
                        in Crawford Co. Ohio.
        16      iv.     Martha J Russell, born 9 January 1859; died 5 March 1866.
               v.      Sarah Emeline Russell.  She married Edward Kile.
6.  Joseph Gledhill was born 2 April 1832 in Little Beaver, Trumbull Co., 
    or Youngstown Ohio,and died 31 May 1917 in Middletown, Jefferson Twp., 
    Crawford Co. Ohio.  
    He married Elizabeth Hershner 15 April 1858 in Crawford Co. Ohio.
       See Joseph's story
     Children of Joseph Gledhill and Elizabeth Hershner are:
+       17      i.      Della May Gledhill, born 13 January 1863 in Ohio; 
                        died 3 January 1962 in St Thomas, Ontario.
        18      ii.     Minnie M Gledhill, born 10 September 1864 in Ohio; 
                        died 9 July 1945 in Crawford Co. Ohio.  
                        She married Jesse Griffith Brown 26 December 1882 
                        in Crawford Co. Ohio.
        19      iii.    Lillian Myrtle Gledhill, born 6 February 1866 in Ohio; 
                        died 13 April 1966 in Crawford Co. Ohio.  
                        She married (1) Saul.  
                        She married (2) Rolandus C Tracht 26 July 1892 in 
                        Crawford Co. Ohio.
        20      iv.     Mata M Gledhill, born 2 January 1869 in Galion; 
                        died 4 February 1959 in Galion, Crawford Co., Oh.  
                        She married James Stilley Morton 23 February 1898 
                        in Crawford Co. Ohio.  No children.
        21      v.      Kittie C Gledhill, born 18 August 1870 in Ohio; 
                        died 14 November 1950.  She married James Calvin Shawber 
                        17 September 1889 in Crawford Co. Ohio.
        22      vi.     Arthur Clayton Gledhill, born 1874 in Ohio; 
                        died 27 September 1950 in Bibb Co, Macon, Georgia.  
                        He married (1) Sarah A (Kate) Andersen.  
                        He married (2) Alma Ferrall 6 May 1896 in Crawford Co. Ohio.
                        Arthur Clayton Gledhill founded the Gledhill Lumber 
                        Company in Galion, Ohio, earlier this century.  
                        It was later owned by his nephew Russell Macon Gledhill.
+       23      vii.    Michael Oscar (Mack) Gledhill, born 7 February 1876 in 
                        Middletown, Jefferson Twp., Crawford Co. Ohio; 
                        died 29 February 1944 in Bibb Co, Macon, Georgia.
8.  Easter Gledhill was born 18 March 1835 or 1836, and died 29 December 1868.  
    She married John Shumaker born 1816.
     Children of Easter Gledhill and John Shumaker are:
        24      i.      William Shumaker.  Born 8 Aug 1857 Ohio. Died 4 Jan 1926.  
                       He married Samantha A. Whiteman on 12 Jun 1883 in Crawford Co. Ohio.
        25      ii.     Samuel Shumaker.  Born 20 Dec 1861 Ohio.  Died 14 Feb 1938.  
                        He married Cath Ann Helfrich on 22 May 1887.
        26      iii.    Martha Shumaker.
        27      iv.     Mary Esther Shumaker. Born 1 Jan 1865 Ohio.  Died 10 Jun 1935.  
                       She married Otterbein P Beck on 30 Aug 1882.  
                       Their son was:
                       Loren Eugene Beck.  Born 12 Oct 1883.  Died 5 Jul 1939.
               v.      Sarah Shumaker born 1868, died 1870
9.  William Gledhill was born 12 March 1838, and died 11 August 1911.  
    He married Rebecca Gilliland.
    See William's story
      Children of William Gledhill and Rebecca Gilliland are:
        28      i.      Amanda Olive Gledhill.  Born 4 Apr 1874.  Died 1902.
+       29      ii.     Easter Bell Gledhill.  
+       30      iii.    Edward C. Gledhill.  He married Idessa Deam.
        31      iv.     Tracy Gledhill.  She married Leslie M Smith.
        32      v.      Cleo Hazel Gledhill.  She married Ivan T Beck.
10. Martha Gledhill was born 8 April 1840, and died 6 April 1881.  
    She married Calvin Burwell.
    Children of Martha Gledhill and Calvin Burwell are:
        33      i.      William M Burwell.  Born 19 Nov 1871.  
                        He married Elizabeth Nettie Heckler.
        34      ii.     John C Burwell.  Married Pearl May Carlock.
        35      iii.    Mattie Jane Burwell.           
        36      iv.     Mary Burwell.  She married Elmer Diesem.
        37      v.      Joseph G Burwell 1879-1934.  
                        He married Nona Worden.
        34      ii.     Jonnie Burwell.  She married Frank Larick.d
11. Sarah Gledhill was born 22 June 1842.  She married Henry Castle (Cassel).
    Child of Sarah Gledhill and Henry Castle is:
        38      i.      Otho Eugene Castle (Cassel).  
                        He was married to Blanche Beam.  
                        Their son was
                       i.  Clenden E Castle (Cassel).
12. John M Gledhill was born 14 May 1846 in Middletown, Ohio, and 
    died 1 February 1883.  He married Susan Burgin 23 January 1868 
    in Crawford Co. Ohio.
 Generation No. 3
17.  Della May Gledhill was born 13 January 1863 in Ohio and 
     died 3 January 1962 in St Thomas, Ontario.  She married 
     Alba Jay Stough 15 March 1883 in Crawford Co. Ohio.
      Child of Della Gledhill and Alba Stough is:
        42      i.      Ruby Stough.  She married W K Cameron.        
18.  Minnie M Gledhill Born 10 Sep 1864 Ohio.  Died 9 Jul 1945 in Crawford Co., Ohio.
     She was married to Jess Griffith Brown on 26 Dec 1882.
     They had the following children:
               i.      Claudia B Brown
               ii.     Hazel Faye Brown
                iii.    Jack Gledhill Brown Born 1 Oct 1900.  Died 7 Sep 1947.
19.  Lillian Myrtle Gledhill Born 6 Feb 1866 Ohio.  Died 13 Apr 1966.  She was married 
     to Saul ....  She was married to Rolandus C Tracht on 26 Jul 1892.  Lillian M Gledhill 
     and Rolandus C Tracht adopted:
               i.      Edna O Tracht. 
20.  Mata M Gledhill Born 1869 Ohio.  Died 4 Feb 1959.  She married James Stilley Morton
     on 23 Feb 1898.  They had no children.
21.  Kittie C Gledhill.  Born 18 Aug 1870 Crawford County, Ohio.  Died 14 Nov 1950.  
     She was married to James Calvin Shawber 16 September 1889.  
     They had the following children:
               i.      Forrest Shawber who married Usula Bishop.  They
                        had two childred Howard and Donald.
                       (Paula Shutt of Nth Carolina is Forrest's 
                        great grand-daughter.
                       Contact Paula at
               ii.     Clyde Shawber who married Carrie Christman.
                        They had a son Lowell.
               iii.    Harold Shawber died aged 18.
22.  Arthur Clayton Gledhill Born 1874 Ohio.  Died 27 Sep 1950 in Bibb Co., Macon, Georgia.
     He was married to Alma Ferrall.  He was married to Sarah Kate Andersen.  Arthur Clayton
     Gledhill and Sarah Kate Andersen had the following children:
               i.      Elizabeth Gledhill.  She was married to I F Impink.
               ii.     Josephine Gledhill.  She was married to Tom Halliburton.
               iii.    Arthur Clayton Gledhill Jr Born 1919.  Died 1 Jun 1949 in Bibb Co., 
                        Macon, Georgia.
                       He was married to Anna Coley.  They had the following children:
                       i.  Renee Hope Gledhill.
                       ii.  Arthur Clayton Gledhill III.
               iv.     Louise Gledhill.  She was married to J William Herin.
               v.      Dell D Gledhill
               vi.     Alfred Eugene Gledhill.  Died 2 Dec 1944.
               vii.    Patricia Ann Gledhill. 
23.  Michael Oscar (Mack) Gledhill was born 7 February 1876 in Middletown, 
     Jefferson Twp., Crawford Co. Ohio, and died 29 February 1944 in 
     Bibb Co, Macon, Georgia.  He married Verna Fairy Beck 7 April 1901 
     in Crawford Co. Ohio.
     Children of Michael Gledhill and Verna Beck are:
+       43      i.      Wayne James Gledhill, born 17 June 1902; 
                        died 19 November 1957 in Galion, Ohio.
        44      ii.     Loren Joseph Gledhill, born 2 October 1903; 
                        died 27 January 1969 in Galion, Ohio.  He married 
                        Marjorie Olive Moderwell 29 April 1926 in Crawford Co. Ohio.
+       45      iii.    Russell Macon Gledhill, born 9 July 1906 in Macon, Georgia; 
                        died 28 August 1996 in Galion, Ohio.
                        Russell M. Gledhill succeeded his uncle Arthur Clayton 
                        Gledhill as co-owner of the Gledhill Lumber Company in 
                        Galion, Ohio.
                       Russell Macon Gledhill married Vesta Arlene Garverick on 
                        24 Aug 1935 in Galion, Ohio.
                       They had the following children:
                       i.   Sandra Jean Gledhill
                       ii.  Terrence Joseph Gledhill
                       iii. John Mack Gledhill
                       iv.  Dean Robert Gledhill
                       v.   Jeffery Eugene Gledhill. 
29.  Easter B Gledhill.  She married John F Carlisle.
     Child of Easter Gledhill and John Carlisle is:
        46      i.      John Carlisle.
30.  Edward C. Gledhill.  He married Idessa Deam.
     Children of Edward C. Gledhill and Idessa Deam are:
+       47      i.      William Gledhill, born 28 February 1914 in Galion, Ohio; 
                        died 20 December 1997.
                       He was married to Evelyn Shaw, then Castella nelson.  
                        William Gledhill and Castella Nelson had a son:
+       62             i.  Garland Gledhill.
        48      ii.     Isabel Gledhill.  Born 19 Sep 1909.  Died 8 Feb 1983.  
                        She married Robert M Corry.
        Edward C. Gledhill founded the Gledhill Road Machinery Company in Galion, Ohio, in 
        1930.  Son William joined the company in 1931 and became president in 1959.  
        The company has been known for its snow ploughs since the 1930's and for ice control 
        spreaders for the last 30 years.
41.  Charles Gledhill was born 21 April 1876, and died 14 December 1954.  
     He married Sinda (Sidney) M Crider 21 March 1894 in Crawford Co. Ohio.
     Children of Charles Gledhill and Sinda Crider are:
+       49      i.      Starling Franklin Gledhill, died 26 October 1963.
        50      ii.     Allen Gledhill, died 13 December 1957.
+       51      iii.    Ross Gledhill, born 30 May 1894; died 26 April 1963.
        52      iv.     Ruth Gledhill, born 20 December 1895.  She married ?? BAUER.
        53      v.      Hazel Gledhill, born August 1897; died July 1990.  
                        She married ?? JONES.
        54      vi.     Mary Gledhill, born 5 April 1899, died 28 Nov 1990 Galion, Ohio.  
                       She married  Dec. 1921 to Edwin Ludwig Manthey b. 12/20/1898 d. 2/19/57.
                       They had 3 sons, Charles Edwin b 24 Dec 1922, William and Richard.
                        (Valarie Manthey Stetz in Pennsylvania is Charles Edwin Manthey's daughter. 
                       Contact Val at Val's daughter is Amber Gledhill Stetz!)
Generation No. 4
43.  Wayne James Gledhill was born 17 June 1902, and died 19 November 1957 
     in Galion, Ohio.  He married Frances Jane Schaefer June 1924 in 
     First Lutheran Church, Galion, Ohio.
     Children of Wayne Gledhill and Frances Schaefer are:
        55      i.      Mary Ann Gledhill, born 21 January 1927 in Jacksonville, Florida; 
                        died 13 October 1978 in Columbus University Hospital, Columbus OH.  
                        She married Carl Donovan "Ted" Baehr 20 October 1946 in Galion, Ohio.
                        (Samantha Tanner of Kentucky is their daughter.  
                         Contact Samantha at
        56      ii.     Michael Frederick Gledhill, born 1939 in Galion, Ohio.  
                        He married (1) Barbara James.  He married (2) Evelyn Kay Walker 
                        4 November 1968 in Galion, Ohio.  He married (3) Vicki Lynne Shively 
                        24 September 1985 in Galion, Ohio.
45.  Russell Macon Gledhill was born 9 July 1906 in Macon, Georgia, and 
     died 28 August 1996 in Galion, Ohio.  He married Vesta Arlene Garverick 
     24 August 1935 in Galion, Ohio.
     Children of Russell Gledhill and Vesta Garverick are:
        57      i.      Sandra Jean Gledhill, born in Galion, Ohio.  
                        She married Edgard Barreto.
        58      ii.     Terrence Joseph Gledhill, born in Galion, Ohio.  
                        He married Barbara.
        59      iii.    John Mack Gledhill, born in Galion, Ohio.
        60      iv.     Dean Robert Gledhill, born in Galion, Ohio.  
                        He married Paula.
        61      v.      Jeffery Eugene Gledhill, born in Galion, Ohio.
47.  William Gledhill was born 28 February 1914 in Galion, Ohio, and 
     died 20 December 1997.  He married Cassie Nelson 24 December 1934.
     Child of William Gledhill and Cassie Nelson is:
        62      i.      Garland Gledhill.  He married Marilyn.
                       Garland Gledhill and Marilyn had the following children:
                       i.   Michelle Gledhill.
                       ii.  Nicole Gledhill.
                       iii. Curt Gledhill. 
49.  Starling Franklin Gledhill died 26 October 1963.  
     He married Anna Marie Poth.
     Children of Starling Gledhill and Anna Poth are:
        63      i.      Donna Gledhill.
        64      ii.     Harold Eldon Gledhill, born 4 November.  
                        He married Sandra Ann Babcock.
                        (Linda King of Texas is their daughter.  
                         Contact Linda at
51.  Ross Gledhill was born 30 May 1894, and died 26 April 1963.  
     He married Myrtle Davis 23 December 1919 in Crawford Co. Ohio.
     Children of Ross Gledhill and Myrtle Davis are:
        65      i.      Elwood Ross Gledhill, born 23 June 1921.  
                        He married Betty Frost 28 August 1947; 
                        she died 30 Sep 1989 
                        He married Dawn James on 4 September 1993.
                        (Tom Gledhill of Galion, Ohio is the son of 
                         Elwood Gledhill and Betty Frost.  
                         Contact Tom at
        66      ii.     Howard Gledhill, born 27 February 1924.  
                        He married Margery Warden 6 December 1947.
        67      iii.    Marilouise Gledhill, born 20 June 1927; 
                        died 16 March 1978.  
                        She married Harold Yaussy.
        68      iv.     Shirley Gledhill, born 27 July 1931.  She married Bill Cook.
This family appears to be a different family from Lloyd Gledhill's ancestors who also lived 
in Galion, Ohio, at the same time last century.  See Lloyd's page "My Ohio USA Connection".
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